Mackenzie M.

Mackenzie M.

Going to the gym and doing the same exercises became boring so I wanted something new to add to my work out routine. After I took my first Barre Bee class I instantly became hooked. I love the variety of classes offered and the variety in each class as well. Not one class is similar, keeping me excited to go take class because I never know what to expect. I love that Barre Bee Fit not only focuses on getting fit but encourages mental toughness and pride as well. After only one month of BBF classes, I already feel stronger, toned, and accomplished!

Maureen 2

Maureen L.

I love Barre Bee Fit! The classes are my favorite way to start the day. The classes are a blast and the results are AMAZING.  They have the best music, the instructors are fun and the class flies by.  The community is the best part — they have truly created something special!


Ilissa G.

I love BBF! As soon as I finished my first class – I knew I wanted to become as involved as I could. I always look forward to being at the studio, whether it’s to take class, or teach my own! I realized that I never knew my true strength, both physical & mental, or how motivating I could be to others. I now know that I can go farther, as long as I push myself to! I will continue to recommend BBF to anyone looking for a challenging workout. The added bonus? The amazing community of strong and awesome women!

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Rikki B.

Barre Bee Fit has not only become my workout of choice; I live by the Barre Code lifestyle! I am in the best shape of my life, and I owe it all to BBF! I come to class, stay focused, embrace the shaking, and earn my body. Barre Bee Fit helps keep me strong, centered, and focused. I arrive early to stretch and stay after to connect with my fellow Bees.  It’s an incredible group of healthy, inspiring, powerful women, and I’m proud to be part of it.

Janelle F.

Janelle F.

Barre Bee Fit has made me complete. It challenges me to be strong, find my potential, and believe in endless possibilities. For me, every single day is different and BBF motivates me to be my best self in those 45-60 minutes. I’ve learned to take control of my dedication and seek out a deeper meaning in my exercise. I fully believe in the mind and body connection. I want to continue to grow and develop my inner focus to be a better me from the inside out. Strength is beauty — I wholeheartedly believe that. I look forward to sharing my goals and inspiration with others because at BBF we are here for each other. Thank you for encouraging me to BEE PROUD and enjoy life!


Taylor W.

Since my first day at Barre Bee Fit, I have transformed my body into one that is toned and strong, and quenched my thirst for purpose and accomplishment.  At Barre Bee Fit, it is not just about the killer workout, but the amazing group of women that make this feel like a second home.

Kelly L

Kelly L.

Barre Bee Fit has changed me both mentally and physically – inside and outside of the studio. I am stronger today than I was just a couple of short months ago when I was introduced to the BBF lifestyle. My confidence and energy levels are way up and I just feel healthier and more at peace. I love the women that work in the studio and those who come in to take classes …everyone is so inspiring and full of life! Living By the Barre Code is fun and challenging. It has had the most positive impact on my life!


Sarah R.

Running used to be the only thing that I loved to do, but my body didn’t agree with me. So after having a pity party for myself awhile (I kept running, kept getting hurt) I stumbled across Barre Bee Fit. I’m saying it was a life changer, my life changer. The BBF Community means being embraced and encouraged by instructors and peers alike to helping me reach my best ME. I look forward to continuing this journey with BBF!

Lacey J.

Lacey J.

While losing weight just after months of doing BBF is a plus, the way I feel is unparalleled. I have never felt better and love the shape I have earned through the BBF classes. Motivating myself to workout has never come easy to me but coming to BBF classes several times a week is far from a chore! I love the energy, camaraderie, and variation each class offers. I could not rave more about BBF to all of my friends and family.


Jenny G.

Barre Bee Fit has motivated me both emotionally and physically. I have been pushed farther than I ever have been and have reached goals I never thought I would reach. I’ve lost inches and toned more and have been stronger than I ever have been. I love the instructors who’ve supported me in every way of the word and have become friends. Classes are addicting, and BBF has made going to the gym more fun. They are also really helping me get in shape for my wedding! I can’t wait to continue striving towards my goal with the help of BBF and their team.


Staci R.

I got married in March, and thanks to BBF, I was in the perfect shape on my wedding day. I had the pleasure of taking Lina’s bootcamp the three weeks leading up to the wedding, and it was the BEST experience ever. I joined BBF last summer and I can honestly say it was the best decision ever. I love BBF not only for the amazing workouts but because it is truly my “happy place.” Thank you!

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Kirtana K.

After being a runner for nearly 11 years and completing two marathons, I considered myself to be quite athletic.  Boy, was I wrong!  After hearing about BBF from my cousin, I was excited to spice up my workout routine.  After my first class with Susan, I was hooked to the BBF way of life.  At BBF, I learned to set personal goals before each class, achieve those goals, and really challenge myself both physically and mentally.  My body’s transformation was major in a lot of ways, but the biggest surprise was being able to run faster during my daily training for my next marathon. I’ll be living by the Barre Code for a very, very long time.


Megan F.

The BBF workout is unlike anything I had ever tried, and I was immediately addicted. It is extremely challenging, but so rewarding at the same time. Although I have always considered myself very fit, I definitely noticed positive changes in my body in all the right places. My flexibility also improved significantly along with my posture and self-awareness.


Helen L.

I heart Barre Bee Fit! I can not think of a better way for a woman to workout then here at BBF. More than 2 and half years later, BBF still kicks my butt. The women here are amazing and truly inspirational. My body has been the strongest it has ever been and continues to get stronger and leaner. These classes have transformed me, and I love how I look and feel. BBF is too good not to go to and so much fun too! If you’ve been thinking about, don’t hesitate – jump right in and get obsessed!


Allison N.

I used to loathe working out and often struggled to make it longer than 30 minutes. Between being bored and sick of the routine, I would easily get into huge workout ruts. BBF constantly keeps me motivated and I’m NEVER bored. My arms have never looked better!


Kristin R.

Barre Bee Fit is AMAZING! This is no doubt the best workout studio in the city. I absolutely love the variety of classes they offer… if you are in the mood for something hot, try Barre Burn, if you are looking for a ton of exhilarating cardio, try Bardio Interval. Mixing it up ensures that I never get bored with my workouts. The changing playlists also keep things fresh. Barre Bee Fit has whittled my waist and toned my thighs, all while constantly challenging me every work out. I love the BBF community, everyone is so nice and friendly, and it is awesome when you can work out and have fun at the same time. I truly look forward to going to class every time. I heart BBF!

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Melissa W.

BBF has made my pregnancy healthy and positive! The instructors have been awesome —  providing modifications that keep me safe yet challenged! I’m still reaching new fitness goals, even at 32 weeks pregnant! I feel strong and ready to tackle the new challenges coming my way!


Carolyn I.

A few months ago, my best friends Betsy, Daphne and I all set out on a mission to be our best selves by graduation. We called it the “Hot Happy and Highly Educated” plan (triple H for short). While our hard work at Booth took care of the ‘highly educated’ portion of our mission, Barre Bee Fit played a huge role in the ‘hot and happy’ part. Within a week of taking classes at BBF, we saw our bodies begin to transform. The classes pushed us to work our bodies past their previously conceived limits. We were absolutely thrilled with the results. We surpassed our goals and took this picture in homage to Barre Bee Fit. Many thanks!

2012-08-29 16.58.35

Dayna G.

I decided to try Barre Bee Fit in March 2012 – and I am addicted!  I’ve tried a variety of group exercise classes over the past ten years, but none have changed my body and mind as much as BBF.  Though I don’t make it a habit to step on a scale unless a doctor forces me to, I can say without a doubt that I have lost inches and am more toned than I’ve been since college (down two sizes!).  I love that I can take the same classes week after week, but never do the same routine; this, combined with the motivating instructors, has been the key to changing how I look and feel.


Megan A.

I was looking for a way to get toned and in shape for my upcoming wedding. My friend suggested I try Barre Bee Fit and had me come with her to a Barre Burn class. I was hooked! I was able to really challenge myself and become stronger with every class I took. The instructors are fabulous and really take the time to make sure you are in the positions correctly to achieve the body you want. I love how every class provides different movements and uses a variety of equipment to work your arms, core, and legs. I drive an hour from the suburbs to come to Barre Classes due to the results my body has gone through in just a month. I would recommend to anyone and will continue to be a Bee for life!


Kate D.

After getting bored with my repetitive workouts at the gym and trying every other workout studio in Chicago, I came across Barre Bee Fit. I have always been active in dance, sports, running, but seemed to hit a plateau. I decided to see if all the great reviews could actually be true, and my first class turned out to be even better than I could’ve imagined.  With BBF, I am strong and fit!  After over a year of classes and bootcamps, I am still constantly challenged.  The music, bright studios, and variety of classes and instructors make it impossible to dread working out here. I love being part of the BBF community, where I have met some fabulous, inspiring women!

Senny L

Senny L.

BBF has been a breath of fresh air for me. I had fallen into a rut with my gym routine and lost touch with myself. After joining the BBF team and taking classes I’ve never felt so refreshed and empowered. The enthusiasm from all the hard working women at BBF is contagious, and I am able to push beyond my limit all 60 minutes. I’m looking forward to becoming a stronger and better Bee with each and every class!


Suleen L.

Through Barre Bee Fit, I have met so many smart and accomplished women — who can all equally impressively rock out a minute plank as well.  The women of Barre Bee Fit are not Barbie dolls, but the tougher, more intelligent “Barre Bees.”  Women who are clever, goal-oriented, and committed to our everyday pursuits, whether they revolve around our health, friendships, jobs, or relationships.  It is a mecca for women who strive to better themselves both inside and out, and there is nothing that makes me prouder than to be a part of Barre Bee Fit.


Hollie N.

Barre Bee Fit has been a complete game changer for how I approach my exercise routine. As someone who previously focused mostly on cardio and very little strength training, I have found the perfect balance between the two through BBF. BBF has increased my strength in all the areas I have typically struggled with improving, and also dramatically increased my flexibility and mental strength!

2012-08-29 10.32.22

Caroline K.

After my first BBF class in August of 2010, I was hooked!  This simultaneous pain and pleasure were addictive, as were the results.  Of course the hardest part is the thigh section…never had I experienced my muscles shaking while working them.  The BBF workout is a great way to tone and sculpt.  Also, it is always nice to see familiar faces in the studio!

Jen L.

Before joining BBF late 2011, I struggled with a lot of self esteem issues. I despised working out and could never find anything that kept me wanting to come back. After my first BBF class, I was immediately hooked and wanted more. Not too long after I started attending regularly; the change I noticed in my body kept me coming back for more. I soon began attending the multitude of cardio-based classes which eventually lead to attending multiple bootcamps. More than a year later, I’ve never felt prouder and more confident. I am so thankful for the amazing instructors for pushing me way past my self-imposed limit, and am proud to be involved in such a great, positive, and strong community of women.


Eva D.

Barre Bee Fit classes are amazing. I was a college athlete and struggled post graduation to find a workout that challenged me in the same way that competitive sports had. I also suffered from eating disorders during this period, and I was feeling unhappy and less than fit despite my tough workout schedule. It’s been a long road to recovery, and I wish I had found BBF sooner! BBF has helped me reclaim my body and happiness. Classes are fun and empowering; I never thought I’d find a workout tougher physically and mentally than a 90-minute soccer game… but BBF is it!


Mandy B.

I remember my first BBF class when I couldn’t even make it through the first set of seat exercises.  I had never been pushed this hard at a gym before.  Now, after about 6 months of solid BBF class attendance, I crave that burn and usually can get through the whole section.  BBF has made me feel stronger both inside and out, and I am so grateful for the instructors who push me to my limit and tell me, ‘I Can.’ (Especially Lina!)  I feel closer to my goal of getting back into my best shape and can thank BBF for the incredible transformation.


Barbara M.

Not only has BBF helped me tone up, but I look forward to going to classes five days a week.  I wake up excited to go to morning classes or look forward to an evening class to relieve stress from the day.  In addition, the instructors are super nice and motivate me to work hard every minute during the one hour classes. I always leave in the best mood!


Courtney V.

BBF = FUN! Every time I go to a class, teach a class, or spend time around my fellow Bees, I can’t help but smile and enjoy myself. I am so proud to be a part of such of an amazing family committed to health, strength, happiness and confidence. I love how BBF inspires so many women and how unique the workout is. Being a ballerina so many years, I found a place that gives me the same rush that I had when I danced on stage. There is nothing like BBF, and I know I would be lost without it. I heart BBF!


Lina B.

The biggest thing I’ve learned at Barre Bee Fit is mental toughness – we are all so much stronger than we think.  It’s an incredibly challenging mental feat to keep pushing yourself through the sweat and the muscle burn. I have grown much stronger physically, but I have especially grown stronger mentally in welcoming the burning and shaking discomfort that goes along with a BBF workout.  I thrive on pushing myself beyond where my mind thinks I can go. I think that’s what hooks people on BBF, because I know that’s what’s hooked me – the desire to see what my body is capable of each and every day.

About April Photo

April S.

I am so proud to be one of the newest members of the Barre Bee Fit Team. All of my fellow Bees have embraced me with their warm, outgoing spirits. It is hard to find a place where you’ll find strong women working to encourage one another, pushing it to the limit and having fun while doing so. That is what makes BBF so truly special. I LOVE IT!


Stephanie W.

After starting to teach at Barre Bee Fit, I have seen such a positive change in my body and mind; each day I’m getting one step closer to where I want to be. I love being a part of a community of women with so much drive. Sometimes when I’m teaching, I look around the room in awe of the number of strong, beautiful, dedicated women. It’s seriously amazing. I stomp around the city in my BBF gear super proud to say I’m a part of the BBF team!


Ariana C.

BBF has taught me a different type of individual work ethic and sense of competitiveness — to compete within myself, not give up, and go after what I want. Nobody can do it for me. Only I can.  I get an amazing sense of accomplishment and love the high that comes from making it through class, knowing that I gave it my all.


Chelsea C Bee Proud

Chelsea C.

Barre Bee Fit has not only given me great workouts over the past year, but has also given me more personal strength, confidence and overall happiness in my life. Not only are the workouts challenging and help to change your body; the community of women helps you build your own personal goals. The women that work here and attend classes are the most amazing, talented, intelligent, and the strongest women you will ever meet. I love BBF and couldn’t be happier to be a part of something this phenomenal!


Emily T.

Because of BBF, I can now say that love every part of my life, every day. Working at BBF means that every day is new, challenging, and filled with incredible people. I’m proud to do something that I’m passionate about and to help this amazing company grow. BBF has also given me a new relationship with my body, so that I now truly understand what it needs and am mindful of how everything I do affects it. I’m stronger, more flexible, and more comfortable in my body than ever before.


Gina B.

BBF has made me healthier physically, mentally, and emotionally! I always feel great when I leave there!


Jillian L.

More than two and a half years later, BBF classes still challenge me every day. I’m proud that in every class, I set goals and achieve them. I can always set the “barre” higher – do more pushups on my toes, come higher on my heels, focus more, or get my heart rate up higher.  The challenge of setting and reaching my goals helps me to personally manage stress and fill my need for a sense of control in this oh-so-uncontrollable world. Barre Bee Fit makes me feel strong, empowered, and feel like I can do anything I want in life.


Mackenzie K.

I recently got married, and I can honestly say after 27 years that I finally love the way I look.  As someone who never pushed herself beyond 40 minute elliptical sessions, I knew I needed to tone/shape up for the big day and kept putting off hiring a trainer, which I thought was my only option (and I have hated personal training sessions in the past, so no great motivation).  Then my friend told me about BBF and from the website it looked perfect for me and a great alternative option to a trainer.  I haven’t looked back since and have become addicted to the classes! For the first time in my life, I push myself week after week beyond my physical and mental limits, and I always look forward to the classes.  Besides toning, BBF classes helped me lose the 10 lbs. to get to my personal goal weight.  Thank you BBF!!

Michelle M

Michelle M.

I believe in love at first sweat and BBF has stolen my heart! Every class I take makes me push myself, makes me reach deep down past my ‘I can’ts’ and ‘no ways’. I am hooked on the positive energy received and on the way I feel after every class. I am proud of myself every time I walk in the room and complete a workout. It is easy to fixate on insecurities and imperfections in the day-to-day but walking in to BBF allows me to just focus on myself and the good I am giving back to my body. Every class is a challenge, one that I was unable to find in other workouts. BBF leaves me feeling accomplished, stronger both mentally and physically and ready to greet each day! The motivation received throughout class is inspiring and exactly what I need to push through. I am so grateful to have found BBF.

Aubrey M

Aubrey M.

Barre Bee Fit is not just a workout, it’s a lifestyle, and I’m proud to be Living by the Barre Code. I’ve never met a group of women that are so motivating, accepting and confident; they made me feel welcome from day one. Through BBF, I’ve learned how to be more physically and mentally tough than I ever thought possible and to embrace my body. (Rock those curves!) I’ve never looked forward to working out like I do with BBF. Every class is a challenge and I always leave stronger than when started. #bbflove

Lindsay B

Lindsay B.

BBF has truly changed my life from the inside out. Aside from the amazing physical change in my body, both in strength and tone, I have experienced such a wonderful mental change. I have always had anxious tendencies — constantly checking off my to-do list and thinking about the future instead of being aware of the here and now. Feeling my strength in the moment during class and allowing myself an hour to escape has allowed me to practice mindfulness and develop greater control of my thoughts. I have noticed my focus learned in class spill over to my personal life outside of the studio, and believe that I have become a better person because of it.


Rebecca H.

I am addicted to Barre Bee Fit.  I love absolutely everything about it. The studios are decorated bright and cute, the owners and instructors are all upbeat, inspiring, friendly and fun. Everyone is really welcoming and you feel like you are part of a great community.  The first couple of weeks of Barre Bee Fit classes, I was really sore in places I didn’t expect. I can see definite changes in my body and more importantly I’m happier and excited to go to classes every day. I’ve been into fitness my whole life and think I have finally found my match…  Thank you BBF for making working out so fun, and better yet, EFFECTIVE.


Golden Gate

Tiffany W.

Summer of 2012 I was training for a 1/2 marathon, and stumbled upon BBF. I was getting bored with running every day, and took a few classes before the race. As soon as the race ended, I signed up for an unlimited month membership and was hooked! Every class is different, which keeps me on my toes. I rarely run anymore, but I am in better shape now than I was when I was training for the 1/2 marathon last summer! I have made new friends at BBF and have brought friends with me to class who are now BBF clients themselves. I look forward to coming to class everyday – BBF makes working out fun!