Meet The Barre Code Owners | Part II

The Barre Code is a company that is built on the principles of allowing & encouraging women to follow their dreams and be the best version of themselves. With more than 40 studios across the country, we have supported our franchise studio owners to bring The Barre Code to their market and create their own empowering communities. Here is a bit more about these amazing women we are so proud to call our owners {view Part I here}:

Rachel Humm, The Barre Code South Bay – Sunnyvale

  • Actionable 8 Rule I Live By: Look inward before projecting outward.
  • Favorite Barre Code Class: BRAWL!
  • Quote That Inspires Me Everyday: “Happiness is found when you stop comparing yourself to other people.” – Meir Ezra

Kelley Ellis, The Barre Code NOLA – Lakeview

  • Favorite Barre Code Class: BRAWL!
  • Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate and donuts.
  • Dream Destination: Ireland.

Kellian Jacobs, The Barre Code Madison

  • Actionable 8 Rule I Live By: Make work a part of your life, not in spite of your life. Making the decision to take a risk and become a studio owner has allowed me to do what I love every single day. Yes it is work, and a lot of it, but I deeply care and am passionate about what I do. It is a part of me and my life and I love every moment.
  • Favorite Part of Being My Own Boss: Learning something new every single day. A lot of people think that being your own boss means you get to do everything your way. What has been the biggest realization to me is learning that not everyone likes your way – if you want to keep your clients/staff happy you must adapt and learn many different ways to approach something. 
  • Quote That Inspires Me Everyday: Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. You won’t be able to achieve without trying first. Don’t hold yourself back – give it a try! 

Meredith Ward Ley, The Barre Code Pittsburgh

  • Favorite Barre Code Class: To take is Brawl. It’s the one class where I completely have to be in the moment. If not, I am going to accidentally kick or punch someone! To teach is Barre Code. I love building the intensity, feeling the music’s beat and watching the clients start to shake!
  • Favorite Part of Being My Own Boss: The ability to choose the people I work with. I have the ability to create my own inspiring, fun, and caring Barre Code family!

Adrianne Madias, The Barre Code Ann Arbor

  • Actionable 8 Rule I Live By: Own your energy.
  • Favorite Barre Code Class: TBC because of the cardio and strength sections combined in one class.
  • Favorite Part of Being My Own Boss: Being able to create my own team in Ann Arbor who embrace strength, empowerment, and community!

Jestina Orlando Look, The Barre Code Park Ridge & Arlington Heights

  • Favorite Barre Code Class: Barre Code! I love the mental aspect of pushing yourself to your limits. I love cardio but that doesn’t challenge me like holding a push up or a thigh set. Coming out of your comfort zone only makes you stronger and isn’t that why we live by the barre code!
  • Favorite Part of Being My Own Boss: Being able to spend time with my son! I am able to create my own hours and on top of that, take Nico to the studio with me! I am able to give 100% to being a teacher and owner and 100% to being a new mom, its the best of both worlds and I am truly so grateful to be able to balance both aspects of my life.
  • Quote That Inspires Me Everyday: “It is impossible to live without failing at something unless you’ve lived so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all.” – JK Rowling. This quote sums up the leap of faith I took at the age of 27 to open up my own studio and live out my dream. I was ok with failing and in the end thats what made me succeed!

Betsy Williamson, The Barre Code Milwaukee & Brookfield

  • Actionable 8 Rule I Live By: Be the bright spot in someone’s day. As an instructor or CR, every single day, we have the opportunity to brighten the day of everyone who walks through our doors. It is my goal to make The Barre Code the bright spot in every client’s day.
  • Favorite Part of Being My Own Boss: Being my own boss! I only answer to myself – which can also be the most stressful, challenging part about being my own boss.
  • Quote That Inspires Me Everyday: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” I try to embrace challenge and work for change every day.