A one-stop shop.

Barre Bee Fit offers the highest-quality, most comprehensive group fitness program for women in a boutique studio setting, blending the ballet barre with superb choreography and outstanding classroom instruction to create maximum results. The Barre Bee Fit program is specially engineered to combine cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, and restoration through its variety of class formats, giving clients all the tools they need to meet and exceed their fitness goals.


Rapid, noticeable results.

Barre Bee Fit incorporates weights, kettlebells, and resistance training into the ever-changing choreographed routines to keep the mind engaged, the body challenged, and the results coming.  Our intensive instructor training program requires instructors to develop a firm grasp of the principles behind the movements and choreography, as well as a deep understanding of how to effectively motivate clients to believe in their strength and abilities.


Commitment to innovation.

Barre Bee Fit is committed to being an innovative leader in the fitness field, being the first to have an iPad application synchronizing lighting and playlists to the format of the class, providing the client with a full-on experience within the workout. Through its mantra, Barre Bee Fit encourages every woman to become her strongest, most empowered self.  Barre Bee Fit’s tagline “Live by the Barre Code” highlights the importance of making health and fitness a part of one’s everyday lifestyle.